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What we do

Risksoft creates leading risk management software for business and industry in all market sectors around the globe. We specialise in interactive, multi-platform, cloud-based software that uses BowTie methodology and functions on all devices and connects users and teams wherever they are.

Our software is built to fulfil the following criteria

  • Manages your entire risk portfolio
  • Facilitates procedures to show how your organisation hierarchy is or isn't set up to manage risk
  • Identifies all risk factors in your company and helps you add and manage controls and business processes to mitigate risk
  • Ensures that risk management is communicated with clarity and impact across your entire organisation
  • Aids in the process of identifying non-conformities with respect to regulation
  • Facilitates and manages a continual improvement process across all operations

Contact Us

Risksoft is a United Kingdom based company. Risksoft is situated on Vulcan Park, right next to Birchwood Park, Warrington, UK. We are equidistant between Manchester and Liverpool, close to St Helens and Wigan, and adjacent to both the M6 (J22) and M62 (J9). Risksoft is easily accessible by road, rail and air.


Contact details

Risksoft Software Ltd.
4 Liberation Road
Vulcan Park
WA12 8AE
Tel:+44 (0) 1925 270 423
Mob:+44 (0) 7533 334 071

Registered UK Company number: 08746778
Director: Dr Andrew James Fenna

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During UK working hours for normal enquiries, we should be able to get back to you within 3 hours if you use the form below. For 24/7 support, please follow the instructions in your Service Agreement. For international enquiries outside of UK working hours, we aim to get back to you within 24 hours. We recommend you call us in the first instance during the times below.
  • Monday-Friday: 9am to 6pm GMT
  • Saturday: 9am to 12pm GMT
  • Sunday: Closed

About our software

Utilising software to facilitate risk, safety, process, quality and environmental management systems is highly efficient and cost effective. Risk, safety, process, quality and environmental management is an active and live process where conditions can change frequently. Software can handle an unlimited amount of static and dynamic events, perform an unlimited amount of calculations and provide in an instance the most up-to-date status of the system, over many locations and domains, with which to quickly and positively influence downstream procedures, thus rapidly reducing risk and improving efficiency. Management system software is a powerful communication tool where information is gathered and then presented in a consistent, uniform and environmentally friendly manner - there is no need for endless paper-based forms and trails.

Software types

Off-the-shelf software

Risksoft designs and provides a multitude of software products that are designed to fulfil the requirements of all aspects of risk, safety and process management including: risk/ hazard identification, risk assessment, risk prioritisation, risk control, risk communication, business continuity, safety management, environmental management, quality management, enterprise risk management (ERM), task management, event tracking, megaproject management, high risk project management, staff management, customer relationship management,document control, environmental control, quality assurance, SHEQ and SEHQ.

Bespoke software

Risksoft understands that all business's are unique. We work closely with our clients to produce software that suits their exact needs. This may mean tweaking or modifying our existing off-the-shelf products, or designing completely bespoke systems. Whatever your software requirements, we have the knowledge, skills, drive and enthusiasm to make your idea become a reality.

Software characteristics

Our software is multi-platform, browser-based and interactive using the very latest HTML5 technology.


All our software is multi-platform. This means the same software functions on all commonly used devices: PCs, Macs, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones. This includes all Apple (iOS), Windows and Android devices.

Why use multi-platform software?

Multi-platform software allows users to enjoy the same functionality on any device wherever they are and whatever device they choose to use at any time, without having to purchase a different piece of software for each device. Multi-platform software is therefore highly efficient, cost effective and portable.


To achieve multi-platform status and functionality, all Risksoft software runs on your internet browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Maxthon. The software is accessed either over the internet (cloud hosting on Risksoft servers), or from your internal server.

Why use browser-based software?

Browser-based software requires no software download; all you need is an internet browser to run it. As there is no software to download, there is no installation required on any device, which is especially useful when there are hundreds of staff/ users with multiple devices. The software will run exactly the same on any device or any browser. Browser-based software is lightweight and fast, meaning it does not take up much device memory allowing other programs to run at the same time. As the software is hosted on one server, software updates and fixes can be handled centrally and quickly; there is no need to spend time maintaining each individual user's machine or device. Browser-based software is especially useful when data needs to be shared quickly between individuals or groups in different locations; as data is stored on one server, any user on the project can access/ work on the same data. Moreover, data can easily be shared using URL links or via easy integration with other enterprise frameworks such as Microsoft Sharepoint.


Risksoft software is interactive on three core levels: 1) There is strong interactivity between the user and the software (Highly Graphical), 2) There is interactivity between users within the same project/ organisation using the same software (Enterprise Class), 3) There is interactivity between downstream risk/ operational/ business processes and the software, therefore creating an active/ live software solution (Live).

What makes Risksoft software interactive?

Highly Graphical

Risksoft uses the very latest web-based software technology that functions on all devices. Our software uses HTML5 Canvas technology which is replacing Flash as the number one graphical display tool for internet enabled devices. HTML5 Canvas allows for the creation of highly graphical software where the user can interact directly with images/ diagrams on the screen whether it be using a mouse on a desktop/ laptop or a touchscreen on a tablet/ smartphone. We make the most of this technology wherever possible by providing Risk Management tools that are largely graphically based e.g. Zeus RS, Hercules RS, Apollo RS, Bowtie RS, Fault Tree RS, Event Tree RS, Task Tracker RS and Live Risk RS software. Using HTML5 Canvas in this way massively aids Risk Communication and makes Risksoft software very intuitive.

Enterprise Class

Because all Risksoft software is browser-based, multi-platform and hosted on a single server (either in the cloud or on your your local server depending on your needs) all our software allows users on the same project to interact with each other, wherever their location and whatever their device. For example, if one user located in the UK is working on a Fault Tree using a Laptop, another user with sufficient permission can work on or view simultaneously the same Fault Tree using their Tablet, and the number of users who can do this is completely unlimited.


Risk Management and Business Process Management systems are never static. There are usually changes and fluctuations to many parts of the system. Risksoft software is perfectly suited to receiving, analysing and displaying live and active Risk Management or Business Process Management information. Because all Risksoft software is multi-platform and enterprise class (discussed above), all users, events, conditions and systems can be linked. For example, if you create a Risk Management plan and one aspect of the risk control within this plan relies on the status of e.g. a pump, the pump status can be easily fed back into the software which will update the Risk Management plan and all related outputs e.g. graphics and reports. The software can handle an unlimited amount of status changes and status changes can be updated using any device connected to the system.


Risksoft software is browser-based and Enterprise Class, meaning it is hosted on a server and you access it via your internet browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or Opera. We offer two hosting options, dictated by where the server/hosting computer is located: cloud hosting and internal hosting.

For our off-the-shelf software packages, we recommend cloud hosting, which comes as standard (all prices quoted on the website are for cloud hosting); your software is accessed via your personal SaaS Portal.

However, for bespoke software solutions we can also provide internal hosting, depending on your requirements.

We recommend that you contact us to discuss your requirements so we can provide you the best hosting solution.

Please read below for the key points about hosting:

Cloud Hosting - recommended

Cloud hosting means software that is hosted securely outside your organisation. Our off-the-shelf software is hosted this way by default and we can also host bespoke software in this manner. In cloud hosting, the software is hosted on purpose built, fit-for-purpose Risksoft servers and you access your software by logging securely into your personal Risk Portal via the Risksoft website. Cloud Hosting offers many benefits over internal hosting:

(1) You do not need to deploy extra resources to maintain a server/hosting computer and networks (e.g. if you have multiple locations) - Risksoft is responsible for all server maintenance, data security and data backup and this is all included in the software price

(2) All Risksoft software upgrades and updates will happen automatically at no extra cost, meaning you will always have the very latest software. For bespoke software upgrades and modifications, we can carry this out without visiting your site

(3) No install is required as Risksoft does not have to attend your premises to install software on your server/hosting computer

(4) Cost is massively reduced because of all of the above

Internal Hosting

Although we recommend Cloud Hosting, we can easily host our software on your internal servers and this will be more likely your preferred choice for bespoke software systems.

To do this we need to install our software on your organisation server(s)/hosting computers. There will be extra costs for Internal Hosting due to installation time, travel costs and expenses and you must provide a server/computer or purchase one for us.

If you host our software internally we will continue to support the software, however server/computer and network maintenance is your full responsibility and software updates/upgrades will be chargeable.

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