Released on 18th March 2020, 23:00 GMT CoronaMapLive is a realtime worldwide map visualising cases of Coronavirus around the globe.

The aim is to give a global-wide realistic and real-time view of the Coronavirus-spread to assist the entire global community in planning, responding, researching and reacting to and about the CoronaVirus pandemic at a detailed voluntary level, as well as for future historical reference.

All data is user-submitted, anonymously.

Data should be used for indicative and illustrative purposes only - we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data as we have no way of verifying it.

For privacy and anonymity, no registration is required - we do not collect or store names, email addresses or physical addresses.

CoronaMap is not affiliated in any way with any official Government, Medical, Scientific or Political authorities.

Author: PhD in Physiology from the University of Manchester, 1st Class Honours in Biomedical Science from the University of Sheffield. Software Developer by trade. Interested in how Medicine/Physiology can work with Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence to better-predict and manage such episodes as the present Coronavirus pandemic - using genuine and honest data.

How to Use

Report Coronavirus status

You CANNOT be identified by using this service. No name or email is required.

Scroll to town level or further on the map and click or tap the map location where you want to report your status.

Please feel free to be as accurate with your location as possible - or as accurate as you feel comfortable with.

Do not report on anyone else's status or location without their permission.

Latitude and Longitude will be worked out for you from where you clicked on the map, however you can change them if required.

Report your (or someone else's) status choosing from one of the dropdown options (choose the most appropriate statement):

  • Not ill:
    You are not ill at this time
  • Cold/Flu Symptoms:
    You are displaying cold/flu symptoms; probably not Coronavirus
  • Self-isolating:
    You are self isolating as a precaution
  • Coronavirus - suspected:
    You believe you may have Coronavirus
  • Coronavirus - confirmed- symptomatic:
    You have been tested and it's been confirmed you have Coronavirus and you have symptoms
  • Coronavirus - confirmed- asymptomatic:
    You have been tested and it's been confirmed you have Coronavirus but you don't have any symptoms
  • Coronavirus - recovered:
    You have had and recovered from Coronavirus
  • Coronavirus - deceased:
    You are reporting a death of a friend or family member that has been confirmed to have been caused by Coronavirus

IMPORTANT - Your unique code and PIN

To ensure anonymity, rather than use an email address and password, we use a unique code and PIN number for validation allowing users to edit their status.

Your unique code and PIN are automatically generated for you and are used to anonymously identify you as a unique user so you can edit your status at a future date.

They are both stored as Cookies on your browser, however we advise you to keep a note of them in case your Cookies are reset or you wish to delete your Cookies.

You CANNOT be personally identified in any way by the unique code and PIN. Please see the Privacy section below for more information.

If you do not want to use the code and PIN provided, you can create your own by changing the respective fields (for the Unique Code you can click the regenerate button). We will automatically check if the code is unique and suitable.

If you are reporting multiple people, you will need to use a unique code and PIN for each person.

Press the Report button and a colour-coded marker will be placed on the map for each unique and validated Report you make.

Your entry will appear noticeably larger to you only - so you can easily click and edit/update.

To edit/update your status, click on your own marker, or create a new one by clicking on the map.

View report status'

You can scroll all over the map and click on individual marker points to see individual status'.

Privacy and Data Protection

CoronaMap has been designed to keep user-submitted data completely anonymous for obvious privacy reasons.

You CANNOT be identified by using this service.

We do not ask for or store names, email addresses, physical addresses or passwords.

We only ask for information essential for this service to operate effectively:

  • Latitude: latitudinal position selected by you
  • Longitude: longitudinal position selected by you
  • Status: user-reported Coronavirus status
  • Unique code: a randomly generated 8 character alphanumeric string that allows you to edit your own status at a later date. You can change this at will. This is stored on your browser as a Cookie.
  • PIN: a randomly generated 4 digit number that allows you to edit your own status at a later date. You can change this at will. This is stored on your browser as a Cookie.
  • IP address: as standard on most websites, your IP address is collected to monitor traffic to the site only.
  • Time/ Date: We automatically record the time and date (GMT) of your report - the purpose of this is to get a snapshot of the situation at any given point.
  • You CANNOT be identified by the Unique Code, PIN, IP Address or any of the above information you submit. Unique number and PIN are used only to allow users to edit/update their own status without personally identifying them.

Contact Us

For genuine enquiries please contact us using this email address: info@coronamaplive.org

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